Mycoses – the invisible „enemies“ of our organism

Many people suffer from fungal infections, mostly without even knowing it. If a mycosis remains undetected, and therefore untreated, the fungus can spread uninterruptedly throughout the organism. Among the most common mycoses are athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the nails and of the skin.

But fungal infections don’t only appear on the visible parts of our bodies – fungi can colonize an entire organism.

How does a fungal infection develop?

A mycosis develops most often when the body is over-acidified and insufficient alkaline minerals are absorbed. Just as in nature, over-acidic organisms can become ideal breeding grounds for disease.

Acidic tissue cannot defend itself against fungal infestation. It hence represents a vulnerable and easily attackable weak point, becoming a burden for the organism.

The acid/alkaline balance of the intestinal tract plays a very significant role in the functioning of the immune system and its reaction ability. If acids take the upper hand, for example as a result of bad eating habits, the intestinal flora will get out of balance. And if the body’s defense system is down, fungal diseases can develop. Next to poor nutrition (an overly acidic diet) and stress, the intake of antibiotics plays a major role in the development of mycoses.

What are the symptoms of a fungal infection?

People suffering from a mycosis, often complain of fatigue, listlessness and leaden weariness. Headaches, stomach aches and occasional eyesight problems can also be indicative of a fungus infestation.

In order to rule out a fungal infection, you should at all costs consult an expert. With the help of dark-field microscopy, he/she can test your blood for fungi and, thereupon, recommend the proper therapy for you.

What can you do to guard against fungi?

For one, you can follow the simple premise of eating a healthy, predominantly alkaline diet. This way, you deprive fungi of the basis of their own existence. The practice of targeted relaxation exercises to relieve stress and incorporating regular physical activity into your life also play an important role in restoring your body’s balance.

In the blog articles to follow, you will learn more about the different kinds of fungi and about ways to effectively de-acidify your body. Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to answer your questions.


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