Holistic diet



Our specialist of biochemistry, naturopathy, conscious / healthy nutrition as well as sport and fitness bundle competences for a targeted nutrition. We analyze, for example, whether a vegan or vegetarian diet makes sense over a certain period of time.

We discuss the strengths and weaknesses / problems of carbohydrates. For example, topics include wheat and how potatoes can be made more compatible. We advise on suitable sugar alternatives and give tips for everyday life.


Acidosis of the organism

Causes of hyperacidity are often in physical inactivity and an unhealthy and one-sided diet. This includes for example the consumption of finished products, refined sugar, amounts of bread and cereals, alcohol and nicotine. Also include a strong protein-containing diet for meat eaters, dairy and cheese products. The metabolism of this food produces more acid metabolic wastes than can be neutralized. Also, stress, negative thoughts, exaggerated sport and environmental stress are associated with a latent or chronic hyperacidity.

Intestinal milieu

Another very important point is our intestinal milieu. Due to the frequent antibiotic treatments, starting as early as childhood, the intestinal and bacterial flora of the oral cavity, skin and vagina are damaged. Does it come to harmful influences, such like Antibiotic treatments, malnutrition, persistent stress, etc, it can damage the intestinal mucosa and result in a change in the intestinal environment.

Too much animal protein

An “Over-Protein-content” of the human body by animal protein is caused by excess consumption of animal protein. This is classic in meat, sausage, fish, milk, cheese, quark and eggs. Vegan diets, alkaline fasting and animal-protein-free diets over a longer period may be necessary to empty the protein stores.

You can make an appointment with us for a nutrition advice. However, we recommend performing a dark field analysis, as we can then give nutritional hints more targeted and accurate. In the dark field analysis can show us for example a hyperacidity or “Over-Protein conten” of the organism. Therefore, we use this tool to make more personalized recommendations.

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