Muscle Detox Therapy

Muscle Detox Therapy is an ancient healing technique conceived to attain long run relief of chronic muscular pain.

The Muscle Detox Therapy approach is based on the principle of traditional Chinese medicine which treats the cause of the problem, not the symptom. In the case of muscular pain, it is believed that toxins and calcified waste deposits in the body are responsible: by blocking the flow of energy, they can cause muscles to harden, resulting in chronic pain.

The general term for the inflammation of muscles is „myositis“. It is defined as an inflammatory condition of the skeletal muscles caused most likely by infection, disease or immunodeficiency as well as toxin built-up in the body. Toxins can build up inside a muscle following muscle injury and cause chronic muscle hardening.

Muscle Detox Therapy sets in where physical therapy and conventional methods have reached their limits. The therapy is conducted manually by our staff, it has no side effects and promises long-term success. Instead of just relieving or soothing a symptom, we look at the body in its entirety and localize the actual source of the pain.

How exactly does Muscle Detox Therapy work?

Solidified toxin deposits within the muscle tissue are tapped repeatedly with a bamboo stick.

In the beginning, the patient will feel a short, sharp pain, not unlike a sting, on the affected area, caused by the calcified waste deposits. Within a few moments, however, the intensity of the “stings” will decrease and the pain will be replaced by a warm, relaxed feeling.

After the treatment, red or blue spots appear on the skin where the body has been tapped – these spots are not hematomas but the solidified toxin deposits which have been broken down into liquefied form to then be transported away and eliminated with the help of the lymphatic system.

Chronic muscle pain will disappear after a few treatment sessions because the toxins, which cause the muscle to harden and become less flexible, thus trapping the nerves and causing pain, are so-to-speak “beaten” out of the body. The muscle can heal back to its pre-injured state naturally as the “pain memory” is erased.

Muscle Detox Therapy is an excellent treatment to combat chronic back pain and all kinds of muscular pain.