Sono Vital® Treatment

The Sono Vital®-Technology is our very own conception. In a nutshell, an optimized ultrasound works in conjunction with a weak electromagnetic field. By employing this particular therapy, we can alleviate muscular pain as a displacement of ions is taking place along the muscular cell membrane. During this process, the nerve cells‘ “pain memory” is erased for the lung-run. Within a short amount of time, a symptom-free condition is attained – and all this without any harmful side effects.

We employ our very own Sono Vital®-Technology to treat the following conditions and diseases:

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Sono Vital®-Technology is broadly applicable, the treatable conditions we have listed above are merely examples. Should you suffer from a condition which is not mentioned here, please contact us. We are happy to advise you whether we feel a treatment with our Sono Vital®-Technology could be beneficial in your individual situation.