Treatment with “Methodik Salt”

It has long been known that an over-acidification of the body is the leading cause of a great many ailments and diseases. Too much acid in our system puts a severe strain on the „base buffer capacity“ of our body, and when the acid-base equilibrium is out of balance, our body can no longer work the way it should. As a result, we age faster, we suffer hair loss, fungi can grow and spread, and inflammations need more time to heal.

Because of their many sweat glands, our feet play an especially major role in the elimination of acids from the body. Over-acidification can cause callused and fissured skin on your feet.

In order to de-acidify the body, you can take a full bath or an intensive foot bath with our „PerImmun-FKG Methodik Salt“. Effective against rough and brittle skin, it will help soften the calluses. It will also relax and deodorize your feet and, most importantly, deprive harmful bacteria of their nutrients and growth medium.

You can actively support the Methodik Salt Therapy, that is the de-acidification of your body, by eating a healthy diet. Sound alkaline nutrition is imperative if you are looking to maintain health or recover from disease. We are happy to advise you in detail on any questions you might have.