About Us

Within the scope of our therapies, which comprise a number of innovative technologies and procedures, we treat primarily physical ailments that are rooted in neurological and muscular dysfunction. Getting to the actual source of the pain is key, as it can be responsible for a variety of health complaints. It is our main concern to competently guide you along your way to healing and wholeness.

At the focus of our treatments are infections and fungal diseases which have a negative impact of the interaction between nerves and muscles and can cause diseases within the organism and the locomotor system.

The idea for founding the „Gesellschaft für Neuromethodik“ (Society for Neuromethodology) was conceived in the year 2005. The concept was developed out of university research with the aim of remedying primarily neurological and muscular diseases in an effective, successful manner through innovative and long-run efficient therapy methods.

Dr. med. Lutz Kiefer, originally from Kaiserslautern/Germany, is the Neuromethodology’s medical director, author of reference books and a widely acknowledged lecturer. With over 10 years at the head of the „Gesellschaft für Neuromethodik,“ he is the key figure when it comes to the conception and the development of innovative treatment alternatives for chronic pain patients. With the help of a new therapy form, based on a unique sonic wave technology, he was able to assist a number of satisfied patients to return to a healthy, pain-free life.

Due to an increase in our patient numbers, we will move our office to a new and larger facility: From March 6th you will find us in the city of Saarbrücken, Trierer Str. 16-20.